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Who We Are

Our Foundation & Mission:

We at The Coffee Platoon® fully understand your challenges to raise those essential funds during these tough times. Our core foundation, Bridging the Gap for Veterans, has been building donor trust since early 2016.

About the Founder:
In August 2021, Mike Ferraro began partnering with many nonprofits nationwide, offering Online Coffee Fundraisers. A brilliant way to share one likeminded goal (helping others), with an infinite number of different missions!  With a vision to have an E-Commerce platform providing delicious coffees, hot chocolate and teas coupled to a "Give Back" program, always striving to make a positive difference.  

The Product & Process: 
An estimated 154 million adults, or 75% of the US population(1), drink coffee every day. Our coffee is roasted in New Jersey, supporting a “business at home,” ideology. We did not stop sampling blends, until we achieved a line of delicious coffees, that we ourselves would love.

Our goal, for this joint fundraising venture, was simplicity! We wanted our partners to omit having to store product, keep records, or have to utilize calling, knocking, or mailing. It’s all digital… and isn’t that where we spend most of our time today? 
Closing Thoughts:   
Your supporters/members will be pleasantly satisfied with the taste of our, Coffee with a Cause, and proud of the results that their generosity has provided for your mission. As we say here at The Coffee Platoon® – Freedom Tastes Good!
Let’s Get Started


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