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Fundraising Testimonials

It has been an extreme pleasure working with bridgeding the gap organization. They are truuly professional and easy to work with on promoting fundraising projects

Robert D.

Worked with The Coffee Platoon® on a fundraiser for my organization.  I've heard nothing but positive comments back from the purchasers of the coffee!  It's a great cause - it's great coffee!


Beth L.

Delivery was quick and accurate. The orders were already separated which saved our organization a lot of time. The tote bags for a nice touch for delivery.   


Brian G.

We partnered with Bridging the Gap and The Coffee Platoon® to raise funds for Tunnel to Towers Foundation. It was an extremely smooth and rewarding experience, benefitting veterans and other heroes on many levels. And everyone loves the coffee products! A win-win situation. I would highly recommend working with this amazing organization.

Mike D.

Just completed a December 2022 fundraiser with The Coffee Platoon. Great product for an even better cause. Easy way to raise money for a nonprofit, which in our case is our high school ice hockey club. The Coffee Platoon has a user-friendly website to accept orders and payment. Upon completion of our fundraise, we received a check the same night as product pick up. Highly recommend.

Dan D.

Working with The Coffee Platoon® was a great experience for our club – the Patriot Warrior Club at Monroe High School.  The fundraiser was very convenient  – online set up and online ordering allowed for the club to be able to promote it through social media and online formats as well as not having to handle any money in the transactions.  Working with the Coffee Platoon® allowed our club to focus on part of our mission which is working with local veteran business and organizations to raise funds for local veterans in need.  This was a great fundraiser to do before the holidays as it provided to be a great gift that people could purchase for friends and family members who both served in the military and those who just love great coffee.

Christian J

I purchased the semper fi coffee through a fundraiser and it’s delicious! Smells and tastes wonderful. I will certainly purchase again : )

Ana R